Vinay has received endorsements from: the Contra Costa Democratic Party, California Democratic Party, and the East Bay Times.

The city needs leaders who understand and will address Richmond’s severely weak finances. None surpasses Vinay Pimplé, who was appointed in early 2015 to fill a City Council vacancy and is now facing voters for the first time.
In less than two years on the council, Pimplé, a lawyer and former software engineer, has proven to be — by far — the smartest and most financially astute member. He reasonably balances needs for city services with fiscal reality.

East Bay Times (formerly, Contra Costa Times) (last election cycle)

This election cycle:

“Pimplé is a standout. Appointed to fill a vacancy in 2015, the lawyer and former software engineer proved to be the smartest and most financially astute member of the council.”
East Bay Times