Economic Development and Jobs

Record low unemployment
In the last two years, we have improved the business climate in Richmond. The result has been record low unemployment. Many businesses have moved into Richmond, providing jobs to our residents. I encourage both high-value businesses like office parks whose jobs may not go to our residents and lower value warehouse and manufacturing businesses most of whose jobs are filled by our residents.

Major projects

The Hilltop mall finally came out of receivership and has a buyer. We will work with the buyer to realize the city’s vision for Hilltop as a mixed income mixed use development.

I approved several projects, most important among which are the housing developments on Nevin avenue, and on Central avenue, which together will produce 450 units of workforce affordable housing, and the Terminal 1 project.

Contractor resource center

I am very committed to our strong local hiring and local contracting policies. However, a persistent problem was that Richmond-based contractors often lacked the capacity to bid on higher value contracts. In partnership with Richmond Build and Chevron, we launched the Contractor Resource Center, which would help Richmond contractors to build this capacity. We launched it in time to enable Richmond contractors to bid on the Chevron modernization project contracts. I will work to expand this into a resource center that serves all small businesses, not just construction businesses.